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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where Have We Been

We're finally back in action after a computer fix and trips homes to our separate countries for training and surgery (more later).   So, as you will see we have a lot of catching up to do with our news.  Christmas, as always, was a special time on board as we celebrate the birth of our christ.  They really try and make it like home and include many different things you would do at home.  You can watch this video to capture the highlights.

Last September/October Sharon had been experiencing stomach pains and was very limited in the things she could eat, dinners were dry with no gravy, fried foods, anything with sauce, tomatoes and spicy foods were all out.  So after an ultrasound scan in the local hospital in December it was found that she had a gall stone measuring about 2cm.  Fortunately our doctors surgery at home were very helpful and got her an appointment at the beginning of February to see the consultant and a few weeks later she had surgery to remove her gall bladder and her now 3cm stone.  It was quite a straight forward procedure by keyhole surgery and she has healed well.

The academy on board were really helpful and provided lessons to take with us so Nathanael could continue with his school work and also a daily journal which has been a nice memory for him.

Meanwhile Tim needed to renew his captains license (yes, it's been 5 years since the last renewal!).  Unfortunately there wasn't a relief available before December and so his trip to the USA coincided with Sharon's surgery so we were a far flung family for a couple of months.  As of now he is still waiting but it is currently being processed by the USA.

Now we are back on board having met up at the gate at Charles de Gaulle Airport, just enough time for hugs and ask Air France to change our seats so we could sit together, which they could, and board the plane bound for Point Noire, Republic of Congo!  Thanks for the prayers!

Now we look towards a busy time as we start the pack up for our departure in a few months as we head for another dry dock period then onto Guinea for our next field of service.

Over the next few posts we'll give you a snippet of what's been happening here whilst we've been away.

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