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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Handsome Pageboy

At the moment we are currently in the UK to enjoy Sharon sister's wedding. Nathanael was also the ringbearer/pageboy and he looked so cute in his outfit, alongside his Aunty Sally who also looked stunning. It was a beautiful day, with some even taking shade to avoid burning in the sun. For Sally it was a day of tears, getting your hair done, more tears, dressing up, and again more tears as her and Dave said their vows to each other, fortunately they were tears of joy! The reception was held in the beautiful location of Lakeside Manor at Dunkerswell and a good time was had by all. It was great to connect again with all our family. Here are a few photo's from the day as there are many out there dying to see little Nathanael in his outfit.

Welcome to the family Dave!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

From Hot to Cold

Sorry for the brief silence in our blog. We were busy packing up the cabin so it could be made available to crew whilst we are home for a short while and then we were travelling etc. The trip is mainly for Tim to renew his masters licence in the USA with a stop off on the way through in the UK to attend Sharon's sister's wedding. We figured they were pretty important!
Sharon and Nathanael embarked on the trip a little earlier than Tim so Nathanael could be fitted out for his wedding suit as he will be a page boy. Tim followed the week of the wedding, just in time to fly in, buy a suit and throw confetti!
After enjoying the hot heat of 106 degrees in Benin it was quite a contrast to have snow on the following day of our arrival in the UK. We just couldn't let the chance go by for Nathanael to build his first snowman. We must, however, thank Lena and Andrea from the ship who had both given Nathanael clothes that came in extra handy to keep him warm (THANK YOU!!)