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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday Post 2nd Article

Click below to see the second article that appeared in the Sunday Post (Scottish Paper, UK), written by a journalist who was visiting as part of a vision trip.
Tim is featured in this article!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


During our time here we get many visitors that we take a part in hosting. It can range from UN Troops, School kids, Vision Trips to Ambassadors or Presidents. Many come with the expectation of a little ship doing a few surgeries and are often surprised at the size of the ship and go away touched by God in some way.
Recently we have been hosting a lot of vision trips. These are groups of people who have an interest in the work that we do and can either be potential donors or can be a great advocate in getting people involved and getting the word out about Mercy Ships, or on another scale they might already be involved with the work, yet they have never experienced it in reality and visiting the ship gives them a better understanding and touches them in a way that maybe pictures or words can't convey. These trips are really worthwhile as they can come and be a part of community life and see the work Mercy Ships do, face to face. They see the work out in the field, they can sit in on a surgery, they visit in the ward and brush shoulders with the crew at dinner time or in the cafe area.
Recently we had a Sunday Post journalist (Scottish Paper, UK) on board as part of a vision trip, Click here to read his first article on his trip, we look forward to reading the next!
Last week we had the US Ambassador and her entourage visiting for the afternoon. They took a real interest in all that went on here and even chose to sit and have dinner in our dining room amongst the crew. It is really good to have the support of people like this, it makes our work a little easier. (Tim showing the bridge to the US Ambassador)
(US Ambassador with some of the Africa Mercy Leadership)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Harvest Thanksgiving

Today we had Thanksgiving Day. As we have a number of crew from different nationalities we joined Liberia in celebrating it today. We had a nice BIG meal followed by a celebration harvest/thanksgiving service. The display of local fruits and vegetables was amazing. - For part of the service the school presented a "Living Cornucopia" where all the children dressed up as fruit and vegetables. As Nathanael is part of the nursery it was the first production that he has been able to take part in. He looked so cute in his costume.
(Nathanael as a pea in a pod with his "carrot" friend, Estevam)
Click play to see Nathanael modeling his costume
Click play to hear the school singing.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Remember, Remember.....

Remember, remember the 5th of November.
For most Brits this is a big tradition in the UK when the 5th of November comes along and everybody ventures out with their hats and scarfs, eating hotdogs and waving sparklers for Bonfire night.
So when you're in Africa there are certain things that the Brits miss, so we all huddled together on the dock around a pretend bonfire eating custard creams. The fireworks flashed in the sky (actually it was lightning, but it worked just aswell) and we did the customary ooooh's and aaaah's that we all do when watching fireworks in the UK.