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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good to be Back on Board

Each Wednesday night all the crew meet for our weekly community meeting. It’s a bit like our church with an opportunity to fellowship together. Since we’ve moved off the ship we’ve been hugely blessed by being able to use St John’s Church in Hebburn as a meeting place but we’ve looked forward to the day when we can hold our meetings on board again. We were able to have a one off test run last Wednesday.

The IT department has been busy fitting the sound equipment and what better excuse did we need than to hold a meeting to test it out. It seemed to work out well with just a few bugs to fix.

For Sharon, working with the worship teams has been such a blessing. In an ever changing community, the teams are constantly changing and putting together a team each week can get quite interesting. Sharon is currently working with Lawrence and the chaplain, Phil, to lead the worship and it has been great to work with Lawrence again after his move from the Anastasis. (Some of the church at Bethel Baptist, Llantwit Major may remember Lawrence when he came on a visit with the African Praise Band from the Anastasis). We are excited about how the teams are building and look forward to many more new crew joining them and also being re-united with those who transferred to the Anastasis.