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Monday, April 28, 2014

Crew Focus - Photographer

Meet Ruben, one of our photographers, I do enjoy his photo's, he captures life around us really well.  You can check his blog out to see more of his pictures at http://www.rubenenmirjam.nl/blog/
Meet our rock-star photographer, Ruben Plomp. Hailing from the orange kingdom of The Netherlands, this groovy Dutchman spends his days innovating brilliant pranks, french-pressing coffee, eating salt licorice (what?!), oh, and capturing the stories of Mercy Ships through his camera lens. They say a picture says a thousand words, and Ruben’s photographs have plenty to say. Ruben is a professional photographer with a background in Adult ICU Nursing and a keen eye for the aesthetic. He brings a whole lot of wonderful to the communications team and the Africa Mercy.

Why did you volunteer with Mercy Ships?
What first seemed to be an 8-month adventure for me and my wife is now a mission for our lives, driven by our hearts’ desire to serve the people of Africa—to help those who are neglected, unseen and have no access to healthcare. We want to share our love with them and show them that we care for a reason. 

Tell us one of your tricks of the trade.
A week ago, I took a picture of an older man standing on the dock. I just looked through my camera and stood there waiting for the picture that I wanted. If you wait long enough, there is always a special moment — it’s the moment when the subject doesn’t pretend anymore. It’s a brief window in which the person in front of the camera goes from being uncertain to feeling comfortable. It’s like sunset, you only have so long to capture that moment when a person reveals the soul beneath. It’s a challenge to capture that. That specific day, it worked. It was like his eyes were talking to me.

What inspires you?
Truth inspires me. Finding truth in people, landscapes and random situations is a sign to me that God has blessed me with an eye for His creativity. Bottom line, God inspires me. 

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