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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crew Focus - Our Hairdresser

Occasionally our Communications team will feature a write up on one of our crew members so we thought we'd share them so you can get to know some of the amazing people we serve alongside.  Some jobs you might not even know that we needed, for example today we focus on our hairdresser.  
Meet Jasmine Bursey, our beloved hair stylist. 
Jasmine is always busy at her work—after all, providing cuts, trims, dyes and styles to the 400 strong  Africa Mercy crew is no simple task. Jasmine pulls it off with flair, and we all have her to thank for our many good hair days.

Describe yourself and what brought you to Mercy Ships?

 “I am from Canada and will be heading back to the Great White North this spring. I have been working in salons for 7 years, and I am most passionate about wedding styling. I came to Mercy Ships because I was at a point in life where I needed to be involved in something bigger than myself. This is a place where patients find healing as well as the crew and everyone who visits. The biggest lesson I’ve learned here is how to view others and myself in the way God views us. When you begin to look at people through God’s eyes, you see true beauty in everyone. Beauty comes from within and beautiful moments can be found everywhere.”

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