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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Orphanage House Rent

I can't believe we're already in to March, time seems to fly by so quickly.  For others it's a big concern as they get closer to April.
The God is Love Orphanage that we have been working with since last September has been touching our hearts in so many ways.  Whether it's cuddles with the kids, having fun or just sharing and hearing about the lives of Michael and Mikeila and the things God has done for them in the orphanage.

In Guinea, when you rent a house you have to pay for the whole year. None of this pay each month business, you pay for the year.  For Michael and Mikeila the nearer it gets to April, the harder they pray to God and believe that he is going to provide for them in a way they could never explain.  April is the month they have to pay for their years rent of $3500 for the property that they live in.  When they rely on going door to door for food to feed the children, it's not easy to lay your hands on this type of money and so far we know they do not have the money.

Could you spare some money?
Would you be willing to maybe give up your lunch money for one day to go towards their rent payment?

We have set up a website (some of it is still in work) where you can donate through Money Gram or Western Union or alternatively we are happy to receive donations through our support processes and we can pass it directly onto them (please make sure you let us know so we can look out for it)

To donate through their website: www.godisloveorphanagedonate.blogspot.com

If you want a quick and easy way you can donate through our paypal link (paypal account not needed) - just let us know so we can look out for it and pass it on.

Whether you can or cannot donate, please continue to pray for the God is Love Orphanage.