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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Orthopedic Patients Come and Go

 No more bowed legs over here! 
After almost three months since her surgery, 3 year old Celestine was discharged. She is now on her way back to her home in Congo’s interior. While we are always happy to see our littlest patients walk away on straight legs, we also kind of wish they could stay and play some more.
 Ravette’s casts are gone! As always, there was an enormous smile on her face. She couldn’t stop admiring her legs and their new shape. Knowing Ravette, she has big plans for where these legs will take her. Watch out world – she’s unstoppable now.
Codjo is one of the children who had surgery to straighten his legs on the Africa Mercy. Today, Codjo is standing tall and ready to play at the HOPE Center. Nothing can slow this child down!
One of our orthopedic patients, Jodelle, was happily discharged from the hospital. and made their way back to their home in Congo’s interior. We are so thankful for the improved movement we saw in Jodelle’s legs in the last few weeks. We pray that Jodelle returns to her family with the love that she has seen onboard the ship. We are grateful for another sweet patient healed in Congo!

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