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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sambany's Story

After three days of walking and another four hour journey in a car, Sambany showed up on our doorstep carrying one of the largest tumors we have ever seen. 
19 of his 60 years have been consumed by a tumour that has slowly been growing from his neck, now a burden that represents 19 years of misery and disgrace.  He said because of the tumour, he had stopped praying.  He didn't believe that he would ever have relief.  Then one day, near the end of 2014 a friend told, "there in Tamatave, there is a ship, Mercy Ships.  You can go there and be fixed".  He decided to take the chance and set out with his grandson.  For three days they walked until they finally reached a town with a paved road.  They rested there for some time then took a four hour car ride to finally reach the port city.  He had one of the biggest tumours the screening team had ever seen.
Knowing the risks, the Mercy Ships Medical team and Sambany reached a decision, they would go ahead with his surgery. The night before his surgery Sambany said, “I know without surgery I will die. I know I might die in surgery, but I already feel dead inside from the way I'm treated.  I choose to have surgery.”  After 12 hours of surgery, the 7.46 kg (16.45lbs) tumour he carried for nearly a third of his life was finally removed.  When he awoke after his surgery, he said, “When I have recovered, I want to repay you, because I am very happy, because I am saved.  God gave you to take out my big tumour.  God helped me to become like this.  God saved me".  When the nurses gave him a mirror to see his new face, he automatically held his hand out where his tumour was and with disbelief he brought his hand closer and closer to his face.
Today Sambany is a new man and he is happy.  He came to our community meeting on board to say thank you and received a standing ovation as we rejoiced together in his healing.
Continue to pray for his recovery.