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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Newsletter

As we approach the Christmas holidays, may we take this opportunity to send our greetings and our new newsletter and hope that you have a great Christmas, full of wonderful blessings.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nathanael's Firsts

During our trip Nathanael has got to experience a lot of "firsts" in his life. We forget all the things that he misses whilst living on the ship. Taking his first trip on a steam train-just like "thomas, playing pooh sticks, using binoculars, seeing a search and rescue helicopter practicing their rescues, a drive in a uncle daves kit car, climbing trees, walking 3k's, hide and seek in a big house and in a car (amazing what my sister does to keep him amused whilst waiting in the car!), Seeing Bob the builder, Barney, fireman sam at the theatre, laying the table for lunch - strangely enough all the food ended up at one end of the table, feeding deer, t-ball (younger version of baseball) and chopping down a christmas tree with his toy saw!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

San Antonio

As with all holidays they all come to an end and it wasn't long before we were boarding a plane making our way, via the UK, to our head office in Texas. Tim took some maritime courses in Baltimore before meeting up with Sharon and Nathanael in Texas. It was a good chance to meet and put a face to names that we knew and see how things run at the head office.
Whilst we were there we were able to spend thanksgiving with our friends (Tim's long time friend and best man for those who were at our wedding) down in San Antonio. We had a wonderful time with their family. We experienced Texas ribs, Tex mex,
feeding deer and the beautiful riverwalk. Thank you for a wonderful time, Wimer family, we were sorry to leave.
(With our friends, Vern and Carole)
(and the rest of the Wimer Family)
(Nathanael's new buddy, Jeremiah)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Holiday Time

This year we saved up to do something that we haven't done since we got married, a holiday. A proper holiday and a rest. With us being in South Africa and the ship not needing a captain whilst it is in the dry dock, it seemed the ideal opportunity to do it and experience this wonderful country. Sharon used her google and tripadvisor skills to hunt out the best places to go and form a holiday for 3 weeks. We started off with a trip to a game reserve about 3 hours away. It was amazing to be so close to the animals
Here are some pictures from our holiday.
On Safari - once you get here, going to a game park is pretty cheap so we we couldn't not go to one for a few days. We spent a few days in Umfolozi/hluhluwe game reserve. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any lions (something the rangers hadn't seen for 6 weeks), but we saw many other animals and it proved to be a very exciting part of the holiday. Nathanael was a particularly good spotted. Nathanael spotted this rhino turning up at a water pan for a bath! After a few days up in False bay we came back down to St Lucia where we were able to see more animals in the reserve there and hippo's and crocodiles on a boat trip that was included in the price of the cottage that we were staying in. We then continued up to the Drakensberg mountains for some amazing scenery and ended the trip with a week at Morgan Bay. Thank you to all helped out to make this trip possible for us, we had an amazing rest and break.