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Friday, February 06, 2009

We Are Sailing

The ship left Tenerife on the 31st January with Sharon's parents waving us off and our Tenerife friend, Theodore, playing is trumpet as he always does when a Mercy Ship comes in and out. It was a nice break to have a bit of normality in our lives. For those of you who wonder what Tim does when he's taking a ship out, here are few pictures of him on the bridge.
Now we are enjoying a pretty calm sail. There isn't much wildlife but there have been sightings of flying fish, dolphins and the best was some killer whales.
(Us enjoying the view from the bow in the evening)
(Dolphins playing in the surf) (Killer whale)
Now we look to our next outreach in Benin with great excitment of what God is going to do through us all there. We will be arriving on Monday afternoon with a full arrival ceremony.


Anonymous said...

I think Tim has a number of M&Ms in his hand as a reassuring comfort snack!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that sign language for "HELP!"?

Anonymous said...
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