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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hospital Open Evening

Last Friday the hospital on deck 3 had an open evening so all of the crew could get to see what they get up to on the medical side. It was really interesting and we actually spent a whole 2 hours down there looking at all the equipment etc. Kids could operate on a monkey, adults could get their eyes, bloodpressure and sugars checked, even try out the mobile ultra sound machine. We visited the sterilisation room, saw false eyes, went through the body maze, tried out our senses (yes we still have got some!) and guessed how many pills were in the jar in the pharmacy.
Click play to hear about the sterilization room.
(The ward ready and waiting for patients to arrive on the 23rd Feb 09)
(Intensive Care Unit)
(When lost in translation, pictures always help!)
(Hmmm, what is a toilet? Not all African's have encountered toilets and it can lead to some very inventive uses!)
(Standing room only, our very own African toilet)
((Blood Lab)
Tim tried his hand at suturing (stitches!), Nathanael chased bubbles and popped balloons and Sharon got her blood sugar checked (ouch!).
(Tim trying out his suturing technique)
(Sharon checking out the monkey eye operation performed by a, um, donkey ?!) (Nathanael chasing bubbles)

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