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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


(Screening in the North) On our arrival, as soon as the crew had been cleared by customs it wasn't long before we had a small team taking a long journey and heading up to the North of Benin in Parakou for a smaller screening week. During that time we had 115 that were seen by a doctor and 65 were scheduled for surgery on the ship. A further 18 were referred for speciality screening. (screening at Cotonou) The following week was the big one! The nurses and doctors did an amazing job of making things run smoothly. Eye patients were sifted out and refered to the field eye clinic sites which helped reduce the flow of people and meant they didn't have to wait in line for ever only to be told to go somewhere else. Here's a run down on facts and figures for those who like that:

2550 came for screening (and that's not including the family members that came along to help them on their way). 765 were seen by a doctor 443 were scheduled for surgery 267 were refered to the ship for speciality screening 600 were refered to our field eye clinic (Dr Straus is going to be busy!) 330 passed through the prayer stations. This is for those we can not help and crew counselors will meet with them for prayer and sharing etc. As a result 42 decided to follow Jesus-Hallelujah!

We also had a screening with the Government Social Services where out of the 108 that came, 25 were scheduled for surgery, 15 refered for speciality screening and 5 to the eye clinic. A TOTAL OF 513 patients are scheduled for surgery! Click below to see a video of the screening day in Cotonou.

We continue to pray that many were touched by the hand of God that day, whether it was through compassion from a crew members hug or tears or a cup of water, our kids playing with their kids or an appointment card, being listened to by a doctor or a counselor-God was there during those days and he continues to be there throughout our lives, we just have to choose him.
We like this picture as it sums up screening days for many because here you see somebody who is conscious of his tumour as he tries to cover it up with his coat, yet he has a smile because he has an appointment card for surgery!

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