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Friday, January 30, 2009

Postcard from Tenerife

"Weather’s here, wish you were lovely" "Weather's lovely, wish you were here"
Sorry we've been out of touch as we've enjoyed Tenerife. We're guessing that many of you have been in the situation when you have promised to write many postcards home when you go on holiday and end up with writers cramp and not having a holiday because you are having to write so many to send back. So we decided to keep away from things in the attempt to have some rest periods. Unfortunately for Tim it wasn't really a rest time as there was alot of technical work to be achieved in the time we were there and the Spanish way of life has different work hours to us as they enjoy a siesta in the middle of the day, meaning many of Tim's days running from 7am - 11pm. However, Sharon and Nathanael enjoyed visiting the parks, eating icecream (luxury, when you've been in W. Africa for a while), shopping for supplies and a visit from Sharon's parents.
We did get a few days out together which included a trip to Loro Parque (spanish for parrot park) at the generosity of a donor who paid for all the crew to go. Normally it costs 30 euro's per adult to get in so it was a blessing for us. Nathanael got to see a lot of animals for the first time that he has been learning about in Nursery, from monkeys to dolphins, penguins (living in actual snow) to killer whales and sea lions to parrots, there was a good variety and he had a blast.
Click play to see Nathanael's reaction to fish!

1 comment:

Renee said...

Hi you three,

Loved the "fish video." Nathanael is such a sweet boy ... he looks so big now!

I think you have the best blog I've ever seen!

We think of you often and pray for you too. All our love!