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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Where Are We?

Our blog has been kind of quiet over the last few weeks.  It is now October and as of now I expected to be telling you about the wonderful things that would be happening on our field of service, our screening would have been completed and we would have been in the midst of patients lining up to have their lives changed through surgery and the love of God that is shown throughout our daily contact with them.

But we're not, we haven't even got there and our minds continue to think of those who wait or could have been the one with the appointment card.

Ebola continues to spread in the many countries our hearts cry out for.  Already we see in the news it has reached over 4000 and we pray that a solution will be found soon.  It's hard to see those that we have left behind having to live with this outbreak and we ask you to join with us to pray.  

Many of you will remember the God is Love Orphanage we worked with in Guinea.  They have now resulted to homeschooling their children to avoid going out and coming in contact with Ebola, we pray for God's protection over them.  We pray for the family of Moses who died in riots whilst trying to help and educate people about ebola.  He was instrumental in bringing many patients to us and working with a fellow missionary friend there.  We pray for some of our African crew members who can't go home to support family with the cost of food rising or attend funerals for loved ones that have passed away as a result of hospitals unable to deal with their everyday illnesses.  These are just examples of the wider impact of Ebola.

Meanwhile we kind of feel guilty as we sit and enjoy the wonderful town of Cape Town, South Africa, far from all of this.  We do, however, think of our next country and the miracles God has brought to enable us to arrange a new country in such a short time.  On Thursday we begin our second leg of the journey to Madagascar to the town of Tamatave (also known as it's english name- Toamasina, meaning salty or like salt) where we will be spending the next 8 months.  Check out our recent newsletter for some facts here

We look forward to telling you more when we arrive

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