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Monday, October 20, 2014

Nathanael's School Photo's

The school photo's this year were very different to previous years as they weren't taken on the ship.  As we were in Gran Canaria the ship photographers took the opportunity to change the norm.  They scoped out a great park with plenty of blooming rose bushes which also had playground equipment to keep the kids entertained whilst waiting - perfect.
Nathanaels portrait
This is Nathanael's class, Grade 2.  They have a new teacher this year who joined the ship in August.  Miss Jessica is a missionary kid herself, having grown up in Dakar, Senegal so she is perfect to understand their needs.  Nathanael really enjoys her and her sense of humour.  We are so glad she is here and the influence she is having on our kids.
And this is the whole school from the nursery right up to the high schoolers.  What a great school, they are like brothers and sisters.
 and of course we always have to do a silly photo

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