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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

South Africa Tours

What do you mean tours? 
Yes we know in one of our posts we gave a good tour of Cape Town.  This is a different kind of tour.  It's been nice to have the support of one of our National Offices in South Africa and also for us to endorse the work that they do so well in their country to promote the work of Mercy Ships.  The South African office, led by John Rae, have done a huge amount of PR work whilst we were there.  The staff at the V&A waterfront were amazing and did all they could to help us during our time there, whether it was a free berth, setting up a booth in the middle of the V&A waterfront mall where many asked questions, signed up for Mercy Ships newsletters and some even interested in volunteering.  Plus the regularly showed our Congo video on their giant TV screen in the outdoor amphitheatre.
They also took many bookings for private tours of the ship and on the last weekend we opened our gangway to the general public.  In just 3 days we had 4211 people walk through our doors.
Our Communications team created an amazing "hospital experience" which had hospital staff and crew sharing stories and short films to show the work of Mercy Ships.
Our 1000th visitor presented with a Mercy Ships mug.
 Dr. Gary presents a mug to our 4000th visitor, moments after he had stood in the spot where Dr. Gary performs his surgeries.

Thank you John Rae and his staff for making our time in Cape Town very enjoyable, productive & a blessing.  Continue to follow them all here as they have an amazing eye program in South Africa.

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