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Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Little Music Boy

Nathanael is starting to follow his musical roots.  Last year he started learning the Djimbe to see if he could cope with learning an instrument and all the commitment of practicing etc that goes with it.  Since he was a baby he has always been fascinated with the drums and was always watching them in the services.  He would set out his toy drums, along with any other pots and tubs that he could find to make his pretend drum kit.
Today he started his first drum lesson with the very same man that he spent hours watching many years ago. 
On another "note" he has also started learning the recorder at school.  The academy has a great music teacher who not only teaches music in the school but also a variety of instruments.  Nathanael joined the beginner recorder group at the beginning of the school year and already we are hearing the start of the Christmas song, Jingle Bells, being squeaked as he practices each lunch time.  So if you want to start getting into the Christmas spirit click on the video below.

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