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Monday, October 21, 2013

New Experiences

It's amazing the random things that come up that we can get involved in, in Africa.  These last 2 weekends there have been 2 new experiences that Nathanael has been able to enjoy.  Sharon had some prior engagements on both days so it became a Daddy and son day out.  Each time we thought that he'd probably sit it out being the cautious child that he is, but he has surprised us.
A week ago a local horse stables had an open day for children so they can see life around horses in Pointe Noire.  It was also a fundraiser but they generously offered us free tickets so that our kids from the ship could come and have go.
Nathanael had initially expressed some reservation about getting on a horse but we suggested that he should just try it out as it's not something that comes along often.  Well needless to say he loved it because by the time it was time to go he had been on a horse not 1, but 4 TIMES and by the end of it he had learnt to get on and off a horse.  Unfortunately the stable charges $60 a lesson so we're glad that he got a chance to do it free of charge.
This weekend a local sailing club also had a free open day and they offered a few Hobie Cat sail boats and kayaks so the kids could experience some sailing on a "smaller" scale.  Tim was able to share a little of his passion for sailing and take Nathanael out in a boat and have a sail around which he/they really enjoyed.

Thank you to all who made these open days possible so our kids can experience things they don't normally do, we really appreciate it.

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