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Monday, October 28, 2013

Decorating the Rehab Tent

As you cast your eye over our dock outside our ship you may notice some big tents.  
 No, we haven't got too many crew who need to be housed outside.  This is where we receive a lot of the patients and one of the tents houses the Rehabilitation Team.  Each year the Academy help make it a little more cheerful for those who spend hours exercising their limbs as they recover from surgery.  This year the different school grades contributed with different art work and they've even made space so patients can draw around their hands and add to the art work.  So tonight we hung it all up.  I would love to be in the tent tomorrow and see everybody's face when they arrive and see the colourful decorations.
(thank you Shelly for the photos and organising this)
So what do the rehab team do?
One of their main programs is the Ponseti Clubfoot Program where they use casts to manipulate the foot back to the correct position.
Others may have had surgery and so come here for exercises to help recover from surgery.
Here are some before and afters:
 And our main "Ortho" crew Nick and Dr. Frank, along with many other volunteers and day crew, work so hard so lives can be changed.

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