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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Screenings Begin

Here are some of our medical crew who do such an amazing job. Over these coming months they will be joined by many others as we seek to bring hope and healing to the country of Togo.

Over these last weeks the first of many screenings have started to take place with many people attending with a hope of an appointment card. This year we are doing things a little different due to the coming elections in Togo. We have been asked not to have big gatherings so we are doing lots of smaller screenings to minimise crowding. Although if you heard that you could have a life-changing surgery, free of charge, it's not going to stop you queueing up for that hope, as we saw about a 1000 turn up for some.

This is Dr Gary (Our Chief Medical Officer) performing a ultra sound. This can tell what the tumour could contain, certain ones could cause the patient to bleed to death if the operation took place.
Many came with different afflictions
Here you can see the diagram drawing of the shape of her legs.
For many it is a day of rejoicing as they receive their appointment card for surgery. For others, we find it so hard to say we can't help and have to send them on there way. Each of those have crew members spend time with them, who pray for them, praying that the new hope of Jesus Christ will fill their lives.
Pray that God will bless all those that we come in contact with.
Let the surgeries begin!

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