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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday to everyone. Shrove Tuesday gets its name from the ritual of shriving, when the faithful confessed their sins to the local priest and recieved forgiveness before the Lenten season began. It also marked the beginning of the 40-day Lenten fasting period when the faithful were forbidden by the church to consume meat, butter, eggs or milk. However, if a family had these foods in the cupboard they would all go bad by the time the fast ended on Easter Sunday. So what did they do.....with the addition of flour, they made pancakes! Today, the Shrove Tuesday pancake tradition lives on and in the UK it is simply known as Pancake Day.
So what do you do when you have a crowd of Brits on a ship in Africa......you got it, make pancakes. Around 50 Brits got together to enjoy the tradition of lemon juice and sugar on pancakes (crepes to some countries!). Plus we even sang the national anthem to make it really British!
Sharon helping to cook the pancakes - 4 Stoves on the go
Sharon's pancake station!
Brits getting together

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there know what wonderful event took place on Pancake Day 1971?