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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


It's amazing the different emotions the crew can go through when we're about to sail or are sailing. Running up to the departure, everybody dreams of sun, ocean breeze, dolphins, whales, flying fish and the words "Oh I can't wait until we sail" are often heard.
(Tim getting ready for departure with discovery channel film crew in tow, filming for a TV series "Mighty Ships") We wave to all our friends on the dock that we leave behind.....then reality sets in. The dream fades and the seas start to roll and for many the sea sickness pills come out. How come we forgot about it from the last sail? After leaving Tenerife, the following days start to get rougher and one particular morning, after a rough night, many crew opened their office doors to find this:
Just to give you a little impression of what it was like, here is a video of Nathanael (the true sailor) walking on a very rocky boat, notice how he angles his body to compensate for the motion.
But don't worry not all was lost. Our hospital has the enormous task of making sure all of the hospital equipment is secure and this is how they do it (very inventive). We had the watchkeepers doing hourly rounds to ensure it kept in place.
It did, however, eventually calm down and the dreams we had at the start came into being as we saw dolphins and whales, crew enjoyed worship on the bow at sunset and following the stars at night. Yes we do enjoy sailing.
(Dolphins on the bow taken by a crew member)
(Flying fish taken by a crew member)
(Relaxing on the bow)
Lome, Togo is now in sight and we look to our next field service with excitment. Join with us in prayer for a safe arrival and that God will be glorified in this country.

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