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Friday, June 13, 2014

Congo Day Worker Farewell

Each year we hold a celebration to say goodbye to our day workers. 
What are day workers?  
Well they are those who come and work with us from the country and city that we are working with.  We usually have around 200+ workers who help us with translation, cooking, driving, nursing, you name it they are probably doing it and we couldn't do the field of service without them, they are very valuable!  They are amazing how they have adapt and get use to coming and working on a ship and getting used to our strange ship culture and food.  They spend 10 months with us and experience every thing we do but the hard thing is having to say goodbye to them at the end.  So we have a celebration and it's something we enjoy every year as we dance and worship together for all the good things that God has done in the lives of patients and themselves.  
Tim addresses the Dayworkers including some interesting facts on how may miles of handrails they've cleaned, or how many plates they have washed!
The service starts off with praise and worship Congo style - this time I've taken a video from watching on the outside and then from dancing on the inside:

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