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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Few Pictures from the Sail

For the last few weeks we've been enjoying a fairly calm sail, with a bit of wild life thrown in.  Our activities co-ordinator has kept us all busy with evening entertainment and some wonderful mum's organised a kids program.  So apart from the odd sickness it's been great.  Here are some photo highlights:

Tim's preparations on the bridge
The tug boat did a dance in a circle when we left the port
 Crew practice their lifeboat drills
 We crossed the point at longitude 0º & latitude 0º where we found a buoy
So we sailed around it! 
 It just so happened that Tim had a copy of Marine Technology which had a similar one on the front cover
 We have seen dolphins (these are some pictures taken by crew members as my camera was never handy when I saw them!)
 Nathanael started his "seamans apprenticeship" with his Daddy with an orientation of the bridge and then about half and hour of steering, if only the crew knew that a 7 year old was driving!

Soon we will be in Las Palmas where the ship will be in dry dock whilst it has the general maintenance done and the second side of the hospital flooring renovations will be completed.  We will be leaving for a holiday period in the USA to visit Tim's family, but hopefully you will still see some posts appear now and then.

After the summer we head on down to Benin.  Unfortunately our field of service to Guinea got changed due to the Ebola outbreak.  We were very much looking forward to seeing our kids at the God is Love Orphanage again but it is not to be this time, which we are sad about, but know one day we will return to them as they continue to be in our hearts and daily prayers.

Please pray for our advance team in Benin as they have had a shorter time to prepare our visit and we look forward to sharing what God will do with us in Benin.

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