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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Rent is Paid in Full!

You may remember a couple of months ago we were trying to raise some money for the God is Love Orphanage so they could pay their yearly rent of $3500 that was due at the end of April. (see March blog post).

(Picture taken during a recent visit to the ship)

Thank you to all that gave to help this come to fruition, and it did.  We also had the opportunity to have our cause included as one of the ships offerings that are done in the our weekly community meeting.  We are constantly amazed how those who already give so much to be here continue on giving in such an amazing way.  
Through that offering and the donations through yourselves we were able to raise enough money to pay off the rent of another year and also hopefully replace their VERY broken down van.  If you can imagine having to push your car every time you need to go anywhere, or even having to stop every few miles to fill it up with water that continues to gush out the bottom, you will understand that this is something that is needed.  Maybe some of you have been there with your car but it was probably only a temporary solution to get it home after a break down.  This is normal life here in Africa and it's amazing how creative they can be to get another journey out of their car or van.  So as we have enough money, we thought it would be good to replace it.  So please pray that they find the right one soon.  Transporting 22 kids is not an easy task by foot!
(22 crammed in a van!)

 So just over a week ago we had the privilege to be witnesses to the signing of the rent from 2013 - 2014.
Yes that is 24 million Guinea Francs ($3500) sitting in a plastic bag!  That's how it's done and has actually become quite a normal thing to do!
Continue to check out their website news at: www.godisloveorphanagenews.blogspot.com - you can see some of the things we have been doing with them during our time here.

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