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Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Little Swimmer

One of our aims this year was to get Nathanael swimming which is kind of difficult when his Mother can't swim and his Father is a busy man.  He had some lessons when we were in the USA but the 5 kids to a class didn't quite work for him and we came to realise that he really needed a one on one teacher. So we were really grateful when Michelle offered to teach him and we, in turn, paid her a little pocket money to go towards her college "accessories" when she graduates from the ship school this month.  She is hoping to go onto to become a Radiologist.
So every Wednesday and Thursday after school we would head up to the pool deck and gradually over time he built enough courage to swim with just the noodle.  Michelle took it very slowly so he would gain her trust as swimming just a few feet was out of the question for him.
 and soon he was swimming the whole length of the ship swimming pool
Then working on swimming underwater
 and finally jumping in (we're still working on that) 

 and when it get's tough he just lies back.
Well done Nathanael for doing so well.  

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