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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top Chef Competitions

There are times when a little fun is in order to bring a team together.  Tim got a cryptic note one day to report to the crew mess at 17:00.  On arriving he found the rest of the deck department who had also got the same note.  They were split into teams and tasked to come up with a team name, make hats and don their pinnies (aprons).

The challenge?

(an alternative to MasterChef)

They all took over the crew galley and Tim's team were in charge of the salads.
The new Chief Officer looks like a good hand at cooking!
They finished up on deck 7 to share their culinary successes/failures?!?
 The salad result (Tim even made a special dressing!)
 The hamburgers
 The results
Thank you Daniel for arranging an entertaining event, even us wives enjoyed watching the rare occasion of our husbands cooking

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