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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hospital Open House and Fall Festival

Every year the hospital hold and open house.  It gives those who aren't fully involved with the hospital to see how it works, experience IV's, doing some surgery, emptying bed pans, you know all those medical type things that nurses and doctors so lovingly do on a daily basis.

We usually take Nathanael down and it ends up with us holding him because he is too nervous and likes to just watch.  Well this year he surprised us and got stuck in BIG TIME.  We even wondered whether he was our child.  It's amazing how 1 years worth of growth and experiences can change a child.  So naturally we encouraged him to dive in.
Learning how to insert an IV into a pretend arm
What it's like to be a patient and carry your IV bag around with you.
How to be a nurse and look after patients
Perform CPR
Check out the OR instruments
Be a surgeon
do a bit of blood work in the lab and check out the Malaria cells
and even see real blood.
Not bad for an evening full of work/play. To sum it up, here's a video of the action which we have a chuckle at every time we watch it.

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