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Friday, February 18, 2011

Shredded Fingers

Yes you did read the title right. Last week Nathanael had the unfortunate experience of finding out what it's like to have your fingers shredded in a paper shredder. Not something he is wanting to repeat EVER! After Sharon had the frantic panic and pulled out his hand, she was next running off down to the crew clinic where the doctor happened to be sitting without any patients. It just so happened that morning the doctor had shared with us at the sailing brief that he will try and sort out little things, but he's really good with trauma and gun shot wounds. So Sharon felt pretty at ease that he was the right person to deal with this emergency, and he was. He got right onto it, untying everything that he had already tied up for the sail to try and find the needle and thread and before long Nathanael was the proud owner of 5 stitches for his 3 paper slits. This is Nathanael all bound up afterwards:
Today (10 days later) he had the stitches removed and this is what they looked like just before:
He still has to keep it covered up for a while as we wait for the split nail to heal, but all in all he was a VERY brave boy. Get better soon Nathanael.

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