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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Return From Appelsbosch

As we mentioned in our last post, we have now moved back on board and things are gradually getting ticked off the list in preparation to sail. This week sees the final tests on the generators and engines before we let go of the lines. On our return we couldn't wait to be back on board again. We knew that things might not be working as we are used to but it was nice to be "just" home. When we turned the corner of the shipyard there was a special greeting waiting for us. Seeing the banners, balloons & flags that the crew on board had put up in preparation for us brought quite an unexpected emotional response, we knew we were home with not just our immediate family, but our Mercy Ships family. We were all back together.
Now we are enjoying the luxuries of our cabin that weren't luxury to us before, but just because we were without them at Appelsbosch it has made us appreciate them more now.
No more paint chipping off the floor of the shower
A bed without a lump running down the middle
More choice to our wardrobe, rather than what we can fit in my suitcase
A Crew Galley, being able to cook for ourselves when we want
Nathanaels toys
These are just a few things that we are enjoying, but Appelsbosch will always have a special place in many hearts.

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