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Friday, April 09, 2010

Would You Be a Deckie

Let us introduce you to our deck department. They are amazing hard working guys and girls. Whether it needs painting, lifting, securing, moving, fixing, purifying your water, fire extinguishers, steering the ship etc, there is so much that they do and to write it all here would take forever. A lot could even go unnoticed by many.
But there is always one job that I don't think I (Sharon) could ever bring myself to do. During our field service our deckies and day volunteers take on the task of painting the outside of the ship. Now we're not sophisticated enough to have running platforms that run round the ship like they do on the posh cruise ships. Instead we use the old fashioned bosun chair. Old fashioned? you say....oh yes, some rope and a plank and it works, along with a safety line!
First, it can be a long way down that rope ladder.
Then you get on your plank, along with your friend and lifejacket.
You chip away the rust spots and spruce it up with some paint.
You can even do it in teams!
So if you like to live life on the edge, come be a deckie for a few weeks.
Thank you Deckies you do an amazing job.

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