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Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Busy Week

A week of challenges and surprises, typical for us...?
It began last weekend with a wonderful dinner with new friends, Glotin family, working with the French Navy in Togo. The US Ambassador turned up and we learned a lot about Africa Art, politics and other interesting subjects.
Of course there were the usual demands of work and preparations for surveys and other business of operating a ship, Mercy or otherwise.
On Tuesday morning, we received word that the President of Togo, Mr. Gnassingbe, would be visiting the ship. It is an interesting challenge to make all the preparations for a visit of a Head of State in less than 24 hours, but our great team pulled it all together, from Security arrangements to special arrangements of chairs and so much more. I believe that the President's visit was a meaningful experience for him as well as an honor for us. It is part of the amazing ministry we have.....to be able to touch the hearts of the poorest of the poor, and a President, on the same day.
Life quickly returned (for Tim) to the other important tasks, like trying to confirm some permits for the ship, arranging for the delivery of 600 metric tons of fuel, sharing with a local businessman that we were following the example of Jesus in coming to bring Hope and Healing in his country. We plan to meet again.
Mercy Ships Founders Don and Deyon Stephens were back on board, with friends of Mercy Ships US Congressman and Mrs L. Gohmert. Later, I met Former VP of DR Congo visiting on board for two days as well.
The Taxes were finished (hurray) and we ran errands in the city (accidentally meeting the Glotins on the way) and dodging a large "political rally." Nathanael got a fever last night. This morning a good turnout for the sunrise service on Deck 8 and a wonderful Resurrection Service later. With Nathanael sick, we'll have Brunch in the cabin, and, we hope, an afternoon of rest and joy in the Resurrection of our Savior.

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