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Sunday, August 30, 2009

International Night of Worship

For our church service tonight we had an international worship night, where groups of crew brought something from their different countries. So we thought we'd share bits of this service with you.

Sharon ended up being in the group from Wales-6 of us considered Cardiff as home, but only 1 was actually Welsh speaking. Another was half Canadian and half Welsh and was born in Bridgend. We read Psalm 23 in welsh and sang the great hymn "Guide Me O Thy Great Jehovah". (as a footnote we apologise to any Welsh speakers out there who might cringe at the pronounciation of some of the words...we gave it our best shot....must admit we don't think we will be taking up Welsh in the near future....we'll stick to French!)

We also had music from Ghana, which got everybody up and dancing.

....and even this baby slept through the whole thing whilst tied to her mothers back.

Then we had the South African's

Followed by a contingent from Poland who sang a very lively version of Hallelujah.

It was all finished off by the German speaking countries.

It's great to be a part of such a big International Crew and share worship together.

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