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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hitting the Bottle

Yesterday we finally gave in and hit the bottle. We needed to take a little walk to get what we were looking for, but it wasn't too long before we found a little stall in town at the side of the road that sold just what we needed, plus the storeholder even knew how to say the price in English as we frantically searched our brains for a translation of prices from French to English. Why is it we ask what the price is in French then get surprised when the response is also in French and then we're stuck!
So after surveying all different kinds of labels and their contents we settled on the African Queen and Shayo Dry Gin bottles. We thought this would go down very well for a lazy afternoon in the cabin.
In case you're thinking we've gone nuts.....that's exactly what has happened:
In the African Queen we have sweet peanuts:
....and in the Shayo Dry Gin bottle we have cashews.
This is quite a normal way to sell nuts and it's not bad for $2-3 each and if you take your bottle back you might even get a discount (we'd best learn the French for that first!)

1 comment:

Pat Barrett said...

Loved it!!!!