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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Birth Announcement

We are delighted to announce the birth of our son:
Nathanael David Tretheway was born on 2 May 2007
weighing in at 9lb 6oz (4.24kg)
Nathanael means "God Allowed, Permitted" and we thought it was appropriate to choose that name as God has been so gracious to us by allowing Nathanael to come into our lives.
As you have probably guessed things didn't go exactly to plan. At 10 days overdue it was decided to start inducing and after 3 days of trying there was still no sign of anything happening, so they opted for a c-section to make sure he came out. Tim was able to be in the operating theatre with Sharon and we were both able to see him as he was lifted out to the words of "he's big boy". (Maybe that's why he couldn't get out!). Meanwhile we have got into the routine of nappies, feeding and sleep (when we can) and enjoying every minute of him. He has a wonderful smile and is amazingly alert and he can even say hello in his baby gurgle way. He seems to have a lot of "Tretheway" characteristics and it's fun to discover more and more each day, even in the womb we noticed that he did something that Tim does and he continues to do it to this day. What a miracle! Sharon is now recovering well and in due course we will be heading out to the USA so Nathanael can meet his family and friends out there. We will then look to rejoin the Africa Mercy in Tenerife later in the year when Nathanael is able to get the right jabs and is old enough to take those yucky malaria tablets ready for Sierra Leonne. Nathanael now has his own blog site: http://www.littletretheway.blogspot.com/ - it will mainly be pictures so friends and family can keep up with him.

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