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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where is the Baby?

When a midwife says a baby is due on the 19th April, somehow you buy into that and believe that is when it's going to happen. All plans are made around that date so you can pay as much detail to it as possible.
Let us tell you, we've found out it doesn't always work that way. Now is the 25th and we are STILL waiting. Somehow this baby seems to like the environment of it's mum's/mom's tum and wants to stay. Today we meet with the midwife to see what to do next to entice this little one out. Meanwhile the other plans of moving out of our house by Saturday and onto the ship, getting a ship ready for sail and Tim taking a "UK Life Test" for his next visa are in full swing and are all happening this week aswell....life does get complicated sometimes!
So watch this space and I'm sure there will be a new addition soon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon and Tim,

Ingo and I have been praying for you three and checking the blog site every day starting the 19th. I do have to laugh a bit. Since you indicated on the baby blog, which I also checked until the 19th, I thought maybe you were having a c-section or being induced on that day since you seemed to know baby would arrive then. Now you know that babies take over and your whole life is geared to their time frame and the Lord, not by you! WE await with you in prayer! Love, in Christ, Marsha and Ingo

Alberta Wray said...

be sure and keep me posted (and send a picture)... can't wait to see if it has Tim's chin! miss you guys! love, Alberta

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon and Tim,
It is the April 27th and I just checked in to see "Where is the Baby?". Well, now I know, so I will just wait a little longer. God Bless and you are all in Terry and my prayers.
Love in Christ,
Terry and Randi

Anonymous said...

okay, so I've finally caught up with the wedding photos (very nice! - I hadn't noticed a link to your blog before - how clever!)...and now I need baby news! It's May 3rd...
Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Let us be the first to congratulate you on little Nathanael David. You re going to be wonderful and loving parents!!!
Love from the San Antonio clan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim & Sharon
I've just found your Blog spot and we are taking the liberty of dropping you a line of CONGRATULATIONS on the safe arrival of little Nathanael David. What a wonderful name! & what wonderful parents you will make. We send you our love as always and will be in touch again shortly. David & Marion (Juliff)