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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mr Strong & Miss Greedy Venture Out!

There are times when things get busy and we have to let our hair down and have some fun. There are a few crew members who love arranging theme parties so crew can get together and have some fun. We managed to get to the last one which was a Mr Men party. The Mr Men stories are always a favourite with children and include a good message.
(if you haven't heard of them before click here to learn more http://www.mrmen.net/ )
So with our glue sticks & paint at the ready we got cutting and sticking to make our costumes.
One top tip for if you ever need to make a costume....make sure you can sit in it!
In our haste we forgot to make an allowance for Tim to sit for the evening, as you can see he didn't have a very comfortable evening!


Alberta Wray said...

Oh well, Tim was never one to 'sit down on the job' anyway!!! be sure and keep in touch! I'll miss you both! Alberta

Anonymous said...

So which one of you will be teaching baby dress sense after this??