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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Deck Department Achievements 2006

What can a small team of dedicated people accomplish in a year? Move furniture more than 12,000 times? Prepare and paint an area the size of a WWII aircraft carrier flight deck? Move 20 tons of rubbish and scrap? Walk the distance from Newcastle to Jerusalem? These are just a few of the accomplishments of the Africa Mercy Deck department.
The year 2006 was a challenging and exhausting period for Africa Mercy’s small but determined Deck Department. The first two months of the year saw all efforts made to accomplish a planned limited capacity voyage from Newcastle to London. The Deck Department grew slightly during this time to 5 officers and 8 Seamen and deckhands. However, by early summer the department saw the departure of many of its long and short term crew. In addition, illness and leaves reduced the department to 3 officers and 3-4 healthy seamen/deckhands by December 2006, even though the ship was to be “sailing within weeks.” In addition to completing contract items renegotiated with the shipyard, and normal maintenance, the department was tasked to take over the moving of owner supplied furniture and equipment onto and within the vessel. Although various other individuals helped from time to time, the bulk of all labour came from the faithful few seamen/deckhands. Like Gideon’s army, they accomplished much with few people, with the help of the Lord. The following is a list of some of the amazing accomplishments made by the members of the deck department: FURNITURE MOVES: Furniture components amounting to approximately 4950 pieces were moved. However, although the shipyard wanted these items placed on board, most could not be placed in final position, necessitating two, three and even four relocations.
Therefore: 12,375 moves performed. 2062 Pieces of furniture by EACH person! STEEL PREPARATION AND PAINTING: These same people also accomplished the following, mainly using hand power tools due to limitations by the shipyard on the work done by the crew. Many of these areas were originally in the shipyard scope of work but negotiated back to the crew.
Deck and other areas prepared: approximately 3600 square meters of chipping Exterior area painting: approximately 8000 square meters of painting (various coats) Interior Painting: approximately 2500 Square Meters of painting Total painting in 2006: 10,500 Square meters, equivalent to about 2.6 acres or the flight deck area of a World War II aircraft carrier! SCRAP, RUBBISH, and DEBRIS REMOVALS The ship’s crew were called upon to remove old items and equipment, debris from work and rubbish from the ship. The deck crew also removed scrap materials and other salvageable waste. In all, about 20 tons were handled by the deck department, much of it by hand.
INSTALLATIONS and OTHER WORK Assisted in and/or provided fire cover for engine trials, basin trials, etc. Completely overhauled and repaired two original lifeboats Installation and testing of liferaft cradles, davits and rescue boats Adjusted and shifted moorings many times. Installation of 2 new lifeboats. Participation in installation of new 23-ton Crane, including testing. The deck crew were also deeply involved in cleanup and preparations for the Commissioning Service and other on board events. Responded to unnumbered by the yard to assist. Countless other jobs to assist other departments and advance the project. WATCHES AND PATROLS Deck and other departments covered all watches on board prior to the arrival of the Ghurka security team at the end of February. They continued to be included in the Saturday watches and daily safety patrols, up to the present.
All together, the watchmen walked 3700 kilometers, about the same distance as a walk directly from Newcastle to Jerusalem, with a few stretches of wet travel over the North Sea!
All this work was accomplished by a very small but dedicated group of people, on average less than 4 healthy persons. Often the goals and directions seemed to be conflicting but each one remained as focussed and determined to complete the ship as possible. Their work goes unrecognized, but their dedication is seen by the God they serve and their treasure is piling up rapidly in heaven.
We are extremely proud to serve and work alongside men and women such as those who faithfully served in the Africa Mercy Project in 2006.

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Oma G said...

Tim and Sharon, what an incredible blog site. I try to check it regularly and feel like it really reminds me to hold you "three" and your ministry in my prayers. Of course, we've been especially praying for the three of you as a family. We pray for that baby to be strong and healthy, for Sharon to have a good delivery when the time is right, and for you, Tim, as the father and husband! We are so excited for each of you!

I've directed a number of people to your blog site. It's a new thing for us old folks and it has taken some encouragement and direction at times. But when I gave your site address to our daughter Diane, she was jubilant. Thank you so much for the many ways you bless us, for you inspiring, vivid communication. Your pictures are really great!