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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Goodbye to the Security Guards.

You may have learnt, or even heard, that you should never to mess with a Ghurkha, but if you get on their good side they are the sweetest people to know. As part of the new security regulations that have been brought in on ships, Mercy Ships now has security guards to keep an eye out for those “unwanted visitors”. We have been blessed with 4 security guards from Nepal who have faithfully looked after our ship day and night. In the day they hold the gangway watch, checking security badges for who’s allowed on board and at night they are patrolling the decks and have clocked up 3700 km in the year they have been here (that’s like walking from the UK to Jerusalem).
Now it is time for them to return to their families in Nepal…..thank you Om, Pradip, Bharat & Tek for your faithful & diligent service & may God bless you as you return to the mountains of Nepal…you will be greatly missed!!

Meanwhile we'd also like to say a big welcome to 4 new security guards, Lum, Ras, Shyam & Bablu. Please pray for them as they settle into life on the Africa Mercy, for their safety during their watches and that they will see and know the love Jesus in their lives.

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