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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This little boy stole the nurses hearts when they met him.  Cute, funny and always wanting to be the centre of attention, he has no idea that his bowed legs are supposed to slow him down!  He was amongst  the final orthopaedic surgeries.  
Following his surgery he was a little grumpy for a few days but it wasn't long before he was back to his cute self by the end of the week.  His Dad expressed his gratitude by saying "Thank you so much for what you are doing here.  You have helped so many.  This room was full earlier this week.  My son has straight legs again and he is not the only one!  He and the others will have a chance to be just like the other kids.  Thank you!"
Above is the team that makes these little straight legs happen.  Pray for them as they continue to carry out physiotherapy to get these legs working well.

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