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Monday, July 29, 2013

Our 6 Week Break

Sorry for the gap in posts over the last couple of months, we have been away from the ship for a 6 week break in the UK.  Sorry we weren't able to see everyone but it was felt that we really needed a rest this time and so we were a bit lazy and stayed put in one place (thanks Mum and Dad for putting up with us!) and then we ended with a week family holiday in the New Forest. (Thank you Budd family for letting us use your cabin!)

Nathanael got to experience more new things like sorting the post which "surprisingly" came through the door instead of having to walk out to collect it from somewhere.  A bouncy castle.  A roller coaster inspired by a Scooby Doo movie only to find it's not as fun as it looks!
Learning to ride a bike with Tim, Sharon & Grandad finding out we aren't as young as we used to be.  
That gravy helps keep the meat from drying out, but then again he always likes Granny's cooking and the trouser elastic expanders had to be loosened!  Hanging out at the beach, skimming stones on the water, before he's had to pretend by playing a Wii game
A new tooth starts growing behind his baby tooth!  A Carnival - a first for both Nathanael and Tim.   A big maze.  
Dodgems, especially when they bump into Daddy.  Underground tunnels and museums.  Steam Fair with plenty of engines for little and big boys to look at and even a Gypsy caravan which Nathanael enquired to the owner, where does the TV go.  
Painting stones for doorstops 
and a short holiday in the New Forest with even a visit to Downton Abbey (a nice treat!) 
Then we finished off nicely with an afternoon in London before we flew out the next day where we were able show him some britishness with the likes of the Natural History Museum, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.  His verdict: "he liked the dinosaurs but London is far too busy for him!"

So that's our last 6 weeks in a nutshell and now were back on board after a 2 day whirl wind shopping spree for our yearly supplies we are now out on the ocean enjoying a calm sail, even my cup is staying in the same place.  We now look to our next field of service in the Congo.  We'll post more on that soon.

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