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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random Things

Sometimes I often think if only my friends or family back home could see what I am doing or seeing they would laugh or think I was crazy.  So to give you a picture I'm going to start occasionally posting the random to you/normal to us things of our life here whenever I come across them and think to take a photo of it to share it with you.
With an exchange rate of $1 = approx 7,000 Guinea Francs and the largest note available is a 10,000 note!  we are often walking round with bulging pockets just to pay for the smallest of things.  These last few weeks Tim has had to pay some bills for the ship.  Of course it has to be dealt with in cash and so he looks more like a banker rather than a Captain.
 Most of our food we get via a container each month, but for the fresh food we have to order locally.  This is how our fruit and veg got delivered the other day.
 Packed to the limit, even with a foot!
Then carried on board
Any builders out there considered using wooden scaffolding. 
 Everyday life on the ship 
 Normal fishing boats here
and always expect to bail your boat!
Anybody old enough to remember ring pulls and bottled coke?  Well they still have them here, except here you don't dare put the ring pull back in the drink and you don't get money back for returning your bottle!
 How to carry your load
 Ever wondered where all those used cars go?  They get shipped here.

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