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Friday, September 28, 2012

Guinea Arrival

At the end of August we arrived in Conakry, Guinea with our advance team waiting on the dock to share all about this wonderful country.
 Nathanael came with his class to wave his flag....
 and of course shouting really loud (see video below)
There was also a band that played us in
 After arrival there are many things that have to be put in place, like all the lines are tied to the dock, the gangway is dropped down and attached to the gangway.  Then we begin an arrival ceremony.  All the crew line up on deck 7 & 8 to be part of the event and it is always special when we see the flag of the country we are in being carried down the gangway.  This time it was done by 3 academy students as we didn't have a crew member from Guinea.
Then there was lots of work to do to get everything set up in 2 weeks to start screening and surgeries.  The screening went well and we were able to work extra hours to get it completed in one day.  Not all the surgery slots were filled, but gradually crew members come across potential patients in the street and so over time the places will be filled.  Here are some pictures from the screening.
 People waiting to be seen
 Nearly all the crew are involved in the screening day, some give out water, others escort the patients, some help with security to keep the crowds controlled, others with the prayer team, there is so much to do.  The planning that is done by our hospital team is amazing and so organised that all the bases are covered.
 People come with many problems, some we can't help, others we can....at the end of day they feel like somebody has listened, cared and given them a hope in Jesus.
 Some are blessed with an appointment card and you always tell who they are by the BIG smiles! 
 Please pray for our time here as more are reach with the love of Jesus. 


Anonymous said...

I shared your blog with my mom tonight on my smart phone. Shirley weisenfeld says hello :)

Tim, Sharon & Nathanael Tretheway said...

Thank you Liz & Shirley