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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

 You may remember a few years ago we introduced the Hope Centre, a place where patients can get ready for surgery and also rest as they fully recover from surgery.  It has helped free up ward bed space that would have been taken up by a patient until they were ready to go home and has increased the number of surgeries we've been able to do.  In 2010 we had this great place that was suitable just for our needs.  We had a team that renovated it and since we have been gone it has been turned into a clinic.  Fortunately in this building there was another wing which still needed some renovating so this year our team transformed it into the Hope Centre for the 2012 Field of Service and will also be ready for use by the town when we leave.  Here are some pictures from the opening
 Our managing director with the local chief.
 Mosquito nets over the waiting beds 
 a beautiful entrance

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