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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sorry it's been a while since we've updated the blog.  Sharon has been away for a short time in the UK following the death of her Grandmother.   We'd like to share this poem that Sharon's Uncle Ken (Gladys' son) wrote for the funeral.  It gives a glimpse of their lives with her on a personal level.  Meanwhile we hope to be back with some regular posts next week.

Forgive us if we don’t cry today
We’ve cried so much before
For years we’ve watched you drift away
And stood helpless on the shore

Today we’ll think of better times and bring you drifting back
Like all the times you scrimped and saved
To fill our Christmas sacks

Sixpences from the Tooth Fairy
Sunday tea at Castle Cary
Sing something simple played in the car
The babycham fawn meant it won’t be far

Caravan and B & B’s those holidays were good
But it rained and you did look strange
In that clear plastic hood

Sometimes naughty you never blamed us
One of your looks was enough to tame us

A night at the pictures
Chips in Kingsmead Square
All these little things let us know you cared

I could mention lots more things
I’ve got a massive list
But by now I think you’ve cottoned on
I think you’ve got the gist
We’re saying thanks for everything
And that you will be missed

Is there a heaven? I don’t know
You always said there was
So when you see that familiar face
Please say hello from us
You’ll meet him at Saint Peter’s Gate
He’ll be driving the shuttle bus

(The last bit refers to Sharon's Grandfather who passed away in 2000, he used to work on the buses in Bath.)

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