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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Now and then we get new crew members come that want to use their different skills to bless the crew on board.  Recently Emma, who is working in the galley, offered the pre-schoolers swimming lessons.  Back in the USA Emma is a certified swim instructor so of course we jumped at the chance for Nathanael to get some more swimming time in. Over a 2 week period the kids have been meeting for 6 half an hour sessions and they seemed to have had fun.
Unfortunately our new pool can get a bit wavy when the ship is rocking slightly and the first two lessons were spent focusing on when the next big wave was coming. 
This is the result when it comes!
At one point she had all the kids clinging on to her getting ready to ride the next wave!
But in the calmer moments they were able to practice their ice cream scoop
Although Nathanael focused a little too much on trying to eat ice cream than stretching his arms to motion swimming 
A calm moment to practice airplane rides whilst kicking their feet. 
Thank you so much for doing this Emma!

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