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Friday, September 16, 2011

At the Beach

The other weekend we had the opportunity to go to the beach. Nathanael misses out on many things so we try and give him a fun day out now and then. It was about an hour to Bureh beach and as with all trips out, other Mercy Shippers had also decided on doing the same trip as us and before long another few landrovers turned up which delighted Nathanael as one of his friends from pre-school joined him. They had fun together building sandcastles and playing in the water.
A small lagoon at the end of the beach

Many support English football teams here, I took this photo for my Dad!
You need to keep you food under cover, away from these vultures!
Food is ordered 3 hours in advance so they can catch it if they have to and cook it. This is our food coming from the village.
It was very yummy, fresh tuna fish, rice and onion tomato sauce, topped off with freshly squeezed lime
We even got to eat off a plate with "cookies for Santa", just love the things that pop in Sierra Leone
These are probably the guys that caught our fish that morning.

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