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Sunday, August 14, 2011

School End of Year Celebration

This last week saw Nathanael starting school again with him now being in pre-school 2 which means an earlier start. He is now having to get used to getting up early to start school at 8:00, early mornings are NOT to his liking.
Below, are some pictures of the end of school celebration when they officially graduated to their next class. Each child is presented with a certificate which includes a character trait and bible verse.
(Nathanael's class waiting in line for their certificates)
(Nathanael receiving his certificate)
(Nathanael "allegedly" reading his certificate)
Nathanael's character trait was:
Nathanael's smile and cheerful spirit are a pleasure to be around. He brings joy to others with his quiet and listening spirit.
"a cheerful heart brings a smile to your face" proverbs 15:13a (the message)
You can keep up with Nathanael's pre-school life by checking out their blog at: http://www.afmpreschool.blogspot.com/

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