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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2nd Screening

On the 26th March we held our second screening. This time we wanted to get it right, following the unfortunate incidents of the last one. One of the ways we use to advertise it in town is on the radio. Click below to here the jingle that was broadcast across the airwaves. It's in English, well actually Krio, which is sort of English, so you should understand it. ?!?
By mid afternoon the day before people were standing in line with the hope of being seen first. We had a security team stay over night who were able to sort through the line and pick out those who were not suitable candidates for surgery. It saved people staying in line all through the night to be disappointed the next day when we weren't able to help them.
At the crack of dawn, crew gathered together to pray for the day.
Many queue for the chance to see a doctor, a touch by a nurse that cares or an appointment card for surgery.
This time things went smoothly and we ended with around 500 patients being examined and handed that special bit of paper, an appointment card.
During this time we had Bill and Sherry from Tim's church in Olympia, WA joining the crew for 2 weeks. Bill is a plastic surgeon and worked alongside Dr. Gary doing various surgeries like cleft lips and tumours and Sherry worked with programs and helped out with some physio for the orthopedic surgeries. It was so great to have them here and they were certainly kept busy! We're hoping they come back again!
Below you will see some examples of the conditions people came with.
There is a great need here!

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